Milwaukee Conservatives:

Want to get involved in making real change in state and national government?

You already know the issues and want to get involved in ways to counter the onslaught of liberal propaganda by politicians, academia, news media, cultural media, and big labor.

You are tired of the lies you hear from politicians, the news media, and even from your friends and family members who parrot what they hear from the media outlets..

You are weary of the unending cultural diversity training in our schools and businesses and wonder whether or not this helps or hinders the advancement of minorities.

You respect the documents and ideas of our founding fathers, and wonder why liberals don't appriciate these ideas as we do.

You believe in American exceptionalism and that America should lead the world in promoting freedom, technological innovation, and generosity.

You believe that government should exercise power prudenty and have a minimal claim on our national wealth generated by the most gifted of our citizens.

Got your attention? Please go to the "our mission link" to learn how you can participate in our ongoing conservitive movement!